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Capital and Facilities


Major Endowment Funds

  • The Henrietta A. Landwehr Children’s Library Center on the third floor is a destination of young families.  Recently, Foundation funding was used to renovate a storage room into an activity space for children.
  • The Hanson Teen Library Center on the second floor and the Maas Teen Learning Center on the third floor are dedicated to the teenage youth of the community.  Foundation dollars connected the two by a spiral staircase and purchased furniture and technology advancements to enhance and make more attractive these spaces. 

Library Space Modifications - Foundation Sponsored

  • Renovation of the Rocca meeting room with new carpeting and a modern projection and sound room created an attractive space for hosting programs and community events.
  • Design and decor enhancements, display units, integrated power for laptop use in the new seating area and highlighting natural light from an eastern view make the library more friendly to our patrons and visitors.