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Our History

(Pictured above: 1904 Sheboygan Library funded by Andrew Carnegie and located on 7th Street and New York Avenue) 

Giving has always been an integral part of Mead Public Library’s history. Its very creation was inspired by a gift from Sheboygan banker and industrialist James H. Mead in 1897. Its development to a full-service library was enhanced by solicited funds from Andrew Carnegie in 1904, which enabled the board to construct the library building on 7th Street and New York Avenue.

Throughout the years the operating expenses of the library have been generously cared for via public funds. In 1939, when an American Library Association study concluded that additional space was needed, it was James Mead’s bequest to the library that provided the necessary money to enlarge the library.

The history of Mead Public Library is not only one of receiving, but also of giving to the city, as well as the entire Sheboygan County community.



To continue the library’s history of giving, The Mead Public Library Foundation was established in 1989.  The Foundation supports the Library through financial assistance, raising community awareness of library services, and building relationships with community partners.

The Mead Public Library Foundation welcomes monetary gifts of any size. All donors of $500 or more become published supporting members of the Foundation. This group of donors is recognized on the Foundation's Donor Wall on the first floor of the Library. Donor recognition categories are based on cumulative gifts to the Foundation over time.

Many important purchases, services, and building enhancements are possible only through the availability of privately contribute funds which supplement, but never supplant public funding. Find out how you can make a difference or donate.

The Mead Public Library Foundation is an organization established to invest in, receive, hold, use and dispose of all property, real or personal, as may be necessary or desirable to carry out the interests of the Mead Public Library. All contributions to the Foundation are deductible to the extent allowable by law [501 (c) (3)].